Samantha Vistuer



The Podiatry Clinic is open for routine appointments

Covid-19 is still present in our community, please be mindful of this when booking an appointment. If you have been self Isolating, be certain of your need for the appointment, could you wait a little longer for treatment? Do you feel safe to venture out? The clinic routines have changed to reduce the risks to patients attending, however please be mindful that not all risks can be eliminated.

There will be extra time added between patients so that the clinic can be cleaned between each visit and to eliminate the crossing of patients before and after treatments.

A Medical grade air purifier has been installed to help filter the air in the clinic to help remove dust, bacteria, fungal spores and viruses from the air

Please arrive promptly, and bring with you a mask and put it on before entering the clinic. If you are exempt from wearing a mask please let the clinic know so that we can prepare accordingly. There will also be hand sanitiser available for you to cleanse your hands before and after treatment. I will also be wearing a face mask, and an apron at all times.

Unfortunately I am unable to offer you a waiting area so please wait outside or in the car until your appointment time if you arrive early.

If you are delayed for your appointment please call me. It is unlikely that I will be able to see you due to the strict timing of appointments, however due to the limit of patients I can see you may be charged, so please bear this in mind when you are planning your journey.

Sadly I am unable to provide toilet facilities so please be mindful of this before setting off from home.

Payment for treatment can be done via debit card, the contactless payment limit has been increased to £45 to reduce the need to touch the terminal. I would advise all patients to use this facility as much as possible

If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or you feel unwell please do not attend your appointment, but call so that I can re-book you.

Caversham based Podiatrist (Chiropodist) providing Caversham, Emmer Green & Reading foot care advice and treatments for all ages including corns, calluses, nail cutting, verruca treatments, in growing toe nails, orthotics and diabetic assessment with wheelchair access and free on street parking.

BSc (Hons), SRCh, HPC Registered

Experienced in Foot Care for many health conditions including Diabetes, Rhuematoid Arthrits, Osteoarthritis, Parkisons Disease, Peripheal vascular disease, Dementia.

Established G.P and N.H.S contacts

Appointments: 0118 946 3401